Tis The Season – On Being Ahead of The Game And Preventing Business Meltdown

November 21, 2011 - 11:55 pm

Tis the seasonOnce you saw “Tis the Season” in the title, did you get a little scared? Don’t worry, I cringed a bit writing it. Alas, I do have an announcement to make:

For the first time in nearly 30 years, I have all of my holiday shopping done and it isn’t even Black Friday.

<insert harsh criticisms and/or high fives here>.

I’ve used website’s Live Chat feature in overload and asked online sales reps to help me out with purchases. After all, that’s what they’re there for.

I’m always, always, always late starting Holiday shopping. It has been instilled in me since a very young age that being generous is extremely important. There were always at least 10 gifts under the tree (each) for both myself and my younger brother. To this day, I feel odd giving someone one gift. If I have it, you have it, and often when I don’t have it, you have it as well.

But that’s not the point.

Whether we want to accept it or not, the Holidays are coming quickly. Christmas (for you Christmas celebrators) is exactly 34 days away. That’s 33 shopping days. We can moan and groan and say “It’s not even Thanksgiving, yet!” but since when should it be frowned upon to get a head start on things?

Of course, it’s a little unnatural to always be ahead of the curve. And I’m no one to preach, because as I said, I’ve been shopping for nearly… well, a lot of years, and each year I’m always waiting til the last minute. I have to tell you something: As much as I complain that it’s always “too early to shop”, or “too early to start baking”, having nearly all of my shopping done has enabled a large amount of stress to be lifted. Along with my late-starts, I also have suffered about 1 panic attack per week from Black Friday through New Years Eve. This year’s count: 0. At least none related to shopping. (grin).

Let me ask you a question. If you could start of each month more than half way to your particular goal, would you work a little harder or a little less? In other words, would being nearly done have any affect on your performance for the rest of the month? Would you work harder to exceed your goal, or consider being ahead a reason to be a little more leinient with yourself and relax? Be honest with yourself.

I’m totally one of the latter people. Being ahead of the game from the start makes me take it a little slower over the remainder of the month, thinking I have time to make it up.

Basically, I’ve become okay with being par: at goal. Being ordinary. Ignoring the extraordinary, because truth be told, being top banana is hard work.

But you deserve it.

And maybe, just maybe, since it’s the Holidays… being at your goal early (this is one case in which exceeding it by much might be a little dangerous), will give you some extra time with your family.

So let me be the first to wish you a Happy Holiday Season.

Now, get on your December goal NOW. Keep November’s in sight, but it’s never too early to get cracking. And if you hit early, keep on pushing until the last minute. Wherever you are, be all there and focused on the goal.

FYI: Having Automotive Live Chat on your website can put that December goal in total reach. Increase your leads. Increase your appointments. Increase your shows. Increase your sales. Increase (and spread!) the cheer.

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