Dealer Analytics: More Than Just Numbers

November 28, 2011 - 9:00 am

invisible manWhen you get your end of month analytics, you will probably see a number of website visits. These are more than just numbers, these numbers are actual people who were on your site, looking for information. Without Dealer Live Chat, you won’t interact with these visitors and they become missed opportunities.

Ignoring your website visitors does not make them invisible – it makes them another dealership’s customer.

Once a potential customer lands on your site, it is your job to keep them there – keep them looking at your vehicles, parts and service. You can either jump in with a take-charge attitude and proactively capture more leads, or you can sit back and watch people come and go off of your website. And when they do go, they go right into the arms of another dealership who welcomes them and gives them what you haven’t.

Every lead won’t be a sale, but every sale comes from a lead.

Yes, this is common sense. No, every lead will not result in a sale. You have to at least take a shot. If your website visitor, for whatever reason does not convert into a sale, they are not a lost cause. With the increase of use of Twitter, Facebook, and even Yelp, people share experiences. Lead sources range everywhere from third party leads, live chat leads to word-of-mouth and referral business. The more opportunities you generate, the more sales down the road. If you have an ever-lasting supply of opportunities in your pipeline, then the possibilities are endless.

Generating website traffic is only half the battle

It’s great that you brought 10,000 visitors to your site last month. How many of those people purchased a car? If you don’t know, then that’s a definitive problem. If you’re spending thousands of dollars a month on marketing, then why don’t you know how much every lead is worth and where it came from? You must have an analytics software in place. One of the best tracking methods is dealer live chat. Initiating conversation with potential customers not only generates a solid lead, but it makes the person feel like more than just a website visitor. Questions are answered, help is given, appointments are set. But this can’t be done without dealer live chat software.

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