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Boosting leads with chat doesn’t take luck of the Irish

March 14, 2016 - 1:14 am
Live chat, not luck of Irish

Live chat, not luck of Irish increases website leads for car dealers (

You don’t need the luck of St. Patrick to increase leads on your automotive website, but you definitely need our managed chat. You don’t need a four-leaf clover you don’t need voodoo dolls, and you don’t need magic potions. If you want to increase car sales from your dealership’s website with more leads that close with the highest profit and closing ratio, turn to CarChat24 and our proven scientific methods.

Our award-winning software and proven processes result in the most sold units compared to unique website visits of any chat provider in the industry. It isn’t luck or magic that gives us the power to increase website form lead counts by fifty percent or more, but it is a relentless commitment to maximize each component, from highly-efficient web code, to SignalR chat technology on the latest servers, to a purpose-built operator chat console, to the best-trained operators in the business.

Some of the CarChat24 operators have been with the company nearly eight years, and average operator tenure is upwards of four years. They are directly trained and supervise, and routinely evaluated on 19 different performance metrics.

Even the proactive pop-up invite has been meticulously tested to ensure that it has the best lead generation and doesn’t have a negative impact on the customer experience through thousands of chat CSI surveys. It’s testing, not luck that maximizes managed chat performance. CarChat24 is committed to its dealer partners to help increase leads – and sales – with continuous live chat development.
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