Looking to sell more Fords? Think about live chat

February 27, 2016 - 7:01 pm

The new Ford Bronco concept should increase web traffic and inspire CRM use

Ford Bronco 6G

Photo: Bronco6G.com

Twittersphere and the auto world blew up during the last week or so with the release of the hot-looking Ford Bronco conceptual images release by the website, BRONCO6G.com. The demise of the Toyota FJ Cruiser and Nissan Xterra leave the Jeep Wrangler in sole possession of the rugged off-road space, so it’s a pretty reasonable prediction that Ford will try to carve a piece out of that pie. Rather than just making a prediction, the team at Bronco6G released stunning concept photos as their rendition of the anticipated new model.

That matters to Ford dealers because viral news like this is certain to stimulate dealership calls and website visits, even though there is no official announcement from Ford. Smart dealers will take advantage of this rush of activity by ensuring all the leads are funneled into CRM for follow-up if Ford moves forward on the project.

The best way to generate supplemental leads from a car dealership website is by adding live chat from CarChat24. Our 24-hour managed chat support service is at the head of the industry in sold-units, and in addition to increased sales leads, we also help dealers increase fixed operations business in the service and parts departments, as well as collision centers. Dealers who add our chat to their websites enjoy a website lead increase as much as 50 percent or more.

Our full-time chat software development team leverages scientific research and relentless A-B testing to continuously enhance product offerings and processes because every microsecond makes a difference in a chat conversation. It starts with faster servers with SignalR technology, to efficient chat console design that helps operators provide faster responses to auto shoppers who initiate a chat conversation. Then the company leads the industry with cutting-edge integration with CarFax, Edmunds.com, and Google Translate are additional CarChat24 operators have at their fingertips.

Whether it’s the Ford Bronco or Ford Fusion, visitors are looking for information on dealer websites 24 hours a day, and the live chat support team at CarChat24 ensures dealerships can increase their odds of generating a lead. Call or chat today for more information.



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