Why Aren’t You Using Live Chat To Get More Leads and Sell More Cars?

February 27, 2022 - 2:07 pm

Increase online car sales leadsEvery where you look, online marketers in the automotive sales industry are talking about how “engaging with users” is the key to better website conversion rates. That’s marketing-speak for, “if you talk to people, you will sell more”. What better way could there be to talk to your dealership’s website visitors than to do it directly with live chat software? Despite how useful it can be to have live chat on your website to help you connect with your customers, there are many dealerships which do not have any way to interact with website visitors directly – only contact forms. When asked why that is, car dealers who don’t have any type of chat available on their website often say they are focusing on the latest trends like social media instead. Using social media to connect with customers is a great thing, but it doesn’t really do the same things as live chat. It isn’t an either-or choice. Most importantly, selling through social media is not “instant”. You still have to get customers to follow you or give you their profiles so you can follow them – so the instant engagement of live chat is just not going to happen the same way on Twitter or Facebook. Emerging technologies in online marketing are rolling out and being hyped like crazy everywhere you look; so it is easy to understand why people feel it is only important to chase the latest “in” thing.

Providing a personalized, helpful and informative experience for your customers will always be the “in” thing.

CarChat24 provides you with an excellent way to give your website users what they want, and that means you’ll get what you want – more leads and sales.

It’s simple: Live Chat = Better Engagement = More Leads = More Cars Sold

A live chat solution from CarChat24 will help you get more sales leads and sell more cars. Where it stops being simple is how you use chat. Here are a few ways to take advantage of what live chat can do for your online business:

24 Hour Service

Trained and knowledgeable people should be operating the chat system at all times – not just during normal business hours.

People Like People More Than Robots

The whole point of live chat is to provide real human help to your website’s visitors. Using generic robotic greetings or responses can kill the potential of live chat. Keep it real. Not only will customers appreciate it, but you will also be able to seize sales opportunities in your chat sessions just like you would in the offline world.

Knowledge is Power

Your live chat operators should be knowledgeable about your inventory and your services, and know their way around your website. CarChat24 can make that easier with robust features like the ability to actually take website visitors exactly where you want them to be on your website. Check out CarChat24’s software features here.


Find out how CarChat24 can help you get an advantage over your competition, nudge shoppers from research mode into purchasing mode and convert them into leads, or even car buyers. Chat with us, call, or contact us here.

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