How to Maintain Car Dealership Revenue When Sales Are Slow

June 13, 2022 - 1:40 pm

Preserve Revenue When Sales Are Down


When car sales are flat, dealers need to find ways to maintain revenue. That means engaging with shoppers and convincing them to do business with your dealership at a time when many are just not buying. Here’s how live chat can help you can win their business:

More and Better Opportunities on Your Website

Smart automotive dealers already know the value of adding live chat to their websites. But when the going gets tough, live chat is often one of the first tools to be removed from dealer websites. That is a big mistake, because live chat allows dealerships to:

  • Increase leads and sales.
    With live chat operators who are trained for conversations that convert, live chats will yield more set appointments and cars sold.
  • Keep shoppers focused on your dealership.
    Reduce your website’s bounce rate with live chat by engaging with customers before they leave to go to a competitor’s site.
  • Cut costs.
    Chat conversations allow dealerships to engage more shoppers effectively, and open additional communication avenues.

Consider having a managed chat provider chat with the shoppers on your website. That will free your staff to engage with in-store customers and increase sales volume. Experience and expertise are key factors in choosing the right managed chat solution.

Optimize Other Digital Marketing Efforts

Car buyers aren’t limiting themselves to one device or source of information. When sales at your dealership are not so good, you cannot afford to be limited to one source of lead generation.

Integrate live chat into your strategy and have conversations with online shoppers across several different marketing channels. Innovative chat providers like CarChat24 deliver chat solutions for dealers across communication channels including SMS text messaging and Facebook Marketplace.

CarChat24’s live chat software now integrates with Facebook Messenger. Whether your marketing efforts on the social platform are organic or paid through Facebook Ads, dealers can integrate live chat into their social media strategy.

Consumer Confidence

With the exception of purchasing a home, buying a car is the single-most emotionally driven purchase most people will ever make. Customers need to feel that they are making the right purchasing decision from the right place.

Each person will have their own unique wants and needs when purchasing a vehicle. Use live chat to provide a dynamic, human-to-human interaction to meet the needs of your customers. Shoppers will be confident they are making the right choice.


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