CarChat24 adds SMS Text to Live Chat platform

August 28, 2016 - 2:22 pm

CarChat24 is excited to announce it has added integrated SMS technology to its live chat platform. It’s the company’s latest move to ensure they continue their leadership position as the highest performing managed chat provider in the auto industry. Installed on an auto dealer website, the CarChat24 SMS Chat software gives shoppers the choice between a dynamic live chat conversation or a text conversation. The new functionality is available to dealers handling chat themselves, using CarChat24 operators with full support, or as part of a backup plan in which dealer or CarChat24 operators engage with the shopper.

“There are many people shopping for a vehicle who may not have time or desire to stay engaged in a live chat conversation with an operator for a number of reasons,” said Jeff Sterns, CarChat24 Vice President of Sales. “Our SMS Text capability gives them the option to pick up the conversation whenever is convenient for them. For instance, someone can start a conversation with a chat operator during lunch and continue where they left off after work, or even a week or month later.”

Adding SMS Text gives CarChat24 dealers lead boost for more car sales

Adding SMS Text gives CarChat24 dealers lead boost for more car sales

The conversation can be started with a link on either the desktop or mobile site, but a key advantage is that no data or wifi connection is required explained Sterns. “We’ve all had times when we were traveling or working in an area with slow or no internet, but still have phone service. We tested this extensively in both the United States and Canada to develop a world-class tool for our dealers”

CarChat24 has won multiple Automotive Website Awards for its technology, and the custom software engineering put into this SMS Text implementation demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to helping dealers sell more cars. Some of the features built into the system include

  • A double opt-in process to ensure compliance throughout north America
  • An ability to store and continue conversations where the left off indefinitely
  • Convenient and simple for website shoppers
  • URLs are automatically shortened using when sending through text
  • Secure communication
  • Local phone numbers
  • Always connected

Dealers love CarChat24 SMS Text local phone numbers

“Another awesome feature that dealers love about our system is they get a local phone number to put in their ads or even on their inventory to invite customers to ‘TEXT US NOW’,” said Sterns. “This gives a shopper on your lot after hours a chance to start a sales conversation, and since the customer has already provided their phone number, they’re much more open to sharing the rest of their contact information and giving the dealer permission to call them.”

CarChat24’s SMS Text capability is the latest in a long line of industry innovations, including scientifically-tested software, specially-developed chat operator console, chat optimized for mobile devices, SignalR server technology to reduce chat drops by more than 20 percent, TRUSTe security certification, and much more. Call, chat, or text us today to schedule your quick online demo.


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