CarChat24 managed chat is worthy of the playoffs

September 7, 2016 - 5:39 pm
CarChat24 managed chat is worthy of a pennant

CarChat24 managed chat is worthy of a baseball pennant

As the top teams this baseball season roll into the playoffs, it’s a good time for car dealerships to bring their live chat into the major leagues. As the MLB race heats up, the San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, and St. Louis Cardinals all look like contenders. Meanwhile, the Baltimore Orioles, New York Mets, and Detroit tigers are in the hunt for a World Series shot, as well.

Managed chat is a must for playoff-level lead performance

If you are ready to swing for the fence and boost sales with your website, managed chat and text from CarChat24 is a must. As more and more dealers up their game from the minor leagues to the majors, high-performance managed chat becomes a critical success element. Just like league-leading baseball teams can’t take a risk on second-rate pitchers, car dealers shouldn’t trust their chat and text support to sub-par chat vendors.

Can you take a chance on a wild-card budget provider giving your shopper a poor experience? Is it worth it to potentially miss dozens of high-quality lead opportunities over a few dollars? In today’s highly-competitive market the answer is definitely not!

Not only do you need a trustworthy chat and text partner, but they need to be the market leaders on mobile devices. That’s where CarChat24 comes in. With a chat interface optimized for mobile devices and industry-exclusive SignalR server technology, we bat a thousand in performance. Throw in a clubhouse full of well-trained operators who are extremely skilled at generating leads and combine that with a great software platform, and you can see why CarChat24 leads the automotive chat industry with the highest sold unit ratio.

It’s time to suit up and get ready to bat so you can hit a home run to close out your year. Call, chat, or text CarChat24 today to schedule a quick demonstration.

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