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NADA 2011: A Mini Recap Of The Best Conference Of The Year

February 10, 2011 - 12:50 am

San Francisco NADA Convention

While CarChat24 was not in attendance at NADA this year in San Francisco, we had our eyes on the happenings of the conference on February 5th through 7th. There was no doubt in our minds that there would be a lot to learn and a lot of inspiration to take away.

After speaking with some of our close friends who did attend the NADA 2011 conference, here are some of the highlights of the weekend. With a Twitter Hashtag of #NADA2011, it was easy and fun to follow along in the events.


As Lance Boldt stated: “AutoNetTV’s customizable program supercharges your waiting room with a 3-hour programming loop that educates your customers on the value of preventive maintenance and repair. Entertainment is mixed in to provide a relaxing, enjoyable program that plays in the lobby of the service center. What’s more, you can customize the program with: your logo and look, text messages, your ads and commercials, service topics from our library, and remote-controlled VOD.”

2011 Time Dealer Of The Year:

Tom Castriota was the recipient of the 2011 Time Dealer of the Year Award. Tom is a Chevrolet dealers who is very well known for his contributions to the community. Time Magazine recognized Tom’s selfless and wonderful business practices and he was awarded with the prestigious award this past weekend at the conference.

Jonathan Banks Speaks

Jonathan Banks spoke at the conference and was quoted as saying “Car Dealers Will Benefit From High-Trade In Values” in 2011. The reasons he predicted this was based upon rising consumer access and access to credit. He goes on to say that the used car market itself has proven that the automotive business has entered a new and promising phase.

Grant Cardone

One of the most impressive guests of NADA 2011 was Grant Cardone, CEO and New York Times Bestseller. He lead a conference in which he offered strategies to dominate the conference.

These are only a few of the awesome happenings of the NADA conference. For those of you who did attend, what your your favorite conferences, speeches, or events?  What new things did you take away from the experience? And most of all, will you be going back next year?

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