Which Auto Dealer Chat Software Is Right For You?

March 8, 2011 - 3:15 am

CarChat24 computer

Offering auto dealer chat on your website is an excellent decision.   The only way to instantly connect with your website visitors is by having dealer chat software installed.

Once you choose the auto dealer chat provider you’re going to partner with, and the dealer chat software is installed, it’s important to determine who is going to handle those car chat leads. Different auto dealer chat providers offer different options.

One option is allowing a dealer to control their own chats. With this option, you can designate one or more salesman or business development department to chat with your own website visitors.

However, other dealer chat software providers give you the option of having a designated third party team to cover your online auto dealer chat interactions. This option is the best solution, especially if the dealer chat software provider offers 24/7 live support. In this case, there are qualified people managing every auto dealer chat even when your dealership is closed.

Before choosing your dealer chat software provider, you want to take into consideration how aggressive you want your auto dealer chat campaign to be. If you’re just looking to interact with folks who happen to land on your site during normal business hours, then it may be most feasible for you to utilize in-house employees to maintain your site.

Allowing a third party to take chats doesn’t take away from the quality of the auto dealer chat interaction itself. Dealer chat software providers such as CarChat24 have trained, experienced chat representatives who utilize proven effective processes and scripts in interacting with website visitors. In fact, having your auto dealer chat handled by a third party takes the “cut-throat” out of the equation.

Any good salesman has his focus on the sale. But if a website visitor feels like they’re talking to an aggressive salesman, or feels pressured, they may leave without providing their information. Having a fully trained third party conducting the chat will prevent this from happening.

Regardless which dealer chat software provider you choose; having your internal sales team handle the chats or allowing a third party team to manage the auto dealer chat, one thing is for certain, not having any dealer chat software at all is detrimental to your dealership business. If no one is capturing your website traffic, then valuable leads are slipping through your fingers.

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