Jeff Sterns to speak at DigitalDealer 21

July 5, 2016 - 3:44 pm
Jeff Sterns from CarChat24 will help dealers plan for recession at DD21

Jeff Sterns from CarChat24 will help dealers plan for recession at DD21

CarChat24 Vice President of Sales, Jeff Sterns, has been chosen as a presenter at the 21st DigitalDealer Conference and Expo at the MGM in Las Vegas. His session is Monday, Aug. 8, at 1:30 pm in Room 122. The conference, which runs Aug. 8-10, and features presentations from auto industry leaders, including Grant Cardone, AutoNation’s Famous Rhodes, super-analyst Brian Pasch, and more.

Guardians of the Fallacy –

Record car sales are ending and you can be ready for the downturn

With more than a quarter of a century in retail automobile management, Sterns will share his experience working through several up and down cycles in the industry. His presentation will be supported by critical data from Forbes magazine, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, and more.

“We’re in a seven-year period of economic growth,” explains Sterns. “I’m going to help dealers understand how to protect against the inevitable economic downturn at DD21.”

He will focus on the following keys for car dealers to prepare now to sell more cars during tough times:

  • Learn how to train your sales and BDC teams to focus on proactive sales techniques that maintain revenue during harder times.
  • Discover how to leverage emerging technologies to maximize sales opportunities boost customer loyalty that will sustain business through financial challenges
  • Learn how to create a customer-centric culture throughout the dealership that can lead to perpetual profit opportunities, even in a soft market.

CarChat24 is also proud to participate in DD21 as a vendor. Visit us in Booth 343.

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