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Why one CDJR dealer switched from CarChat24 managed chat then returned

July 7, 2016 - 10:46 pm

Wondering why a dealer might drop CarChat24 managed chat for another live chat provider and then return? Check out this video interview with Internet Manager Dwayne Roemer, of Varsity Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, in Calgary, Alberta. During his conversation with this Canadian client, VP of Sales, Jeff Sterns learns that Varsity tried another provider for a while hoping the tech they promoted would lead to better results. He explains that though his chat conversation count went up the lead quality and closing percentage dropped off significantly.

Chat leads went up but sales went down

“We saw about a 50 percent increase in chats, but they just didn’t convert,” explains Roemer. “So for the first month and half we tried to see if it was a process thing on our end, but when we switched back [to CarChat24], the numbers went back up.”

He said that many of the shoppers didn’t realize they were submitting an inquiry and seemed surprised to hear from his staff.

CarChat24 leverages cutting-edge technology like no other chat provider to give car dealers the best quality chat leads from their website to boost sales. Their managed chat operators have an average of more than three years of experience and are the best-trained in the industry.

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