Automotive Live Chat Software: How to Tell If This Automotive Marketing Option is Right For You

October 30, 2010 - 12:54 am

As an automotive dealer, you undoubtedly interact with other dealers and ask their advice on different areas of the business. From third-party lead source providers to automotive marketing techniques, it’s always helpful to get someone else’s opinion. There’s the viewpoint however, that no two automotive dealers are alike. So, what works for one, might not work for another. When making a significant internet marketing decision such as getting automotive live chat software, it’s important to take a look at your dealership and make the decision based on your own individual needs.


Do You Have A Dealer Website?

Though this question is a fairly obvious one – it’s startling how many dealerships still have not hopped on board the internet wagon. While almost all dealerships have some sort of internet webpage, some lack functionality, inventory, and in some cases, even dealership hours and location. At the very least, in order for automotive live chat software to work for you, it’s essential that you have some sort of web presence.

Even if you have an impressive web presence, there is always room for improvement and enhancement. Live chat software can help you achieve this by making your site more interactive to your customers. It also enables you to broaden your automotive marketing to the internet and social media areas, which are some of the largest marketing sources available.


Do You Want More Quality Leads?

Even dealers who say they’re content with their current lead source providers have their ‘invalid files’ filled with leads from customers who are no longer in the market, aren’t reachable, or claim to have never inquired. Unfortunately, this comes with the territory. Think about it – with third party leads, they often come from an affiliate website in which customers were shopping for something completely unrelated and were required to fill out a survey. Next thing they know, they’re getting a call from you asking about a vehicle inquiry. With automotive live chat, there’s no doubt that the customer is on your website because they’re interested in what you have, whether vehicles, parts, service, or special financing. (maybe a quick mention of financing here, especially if you’re going to market to BHPH dealers). This cuts down on the amount of invalid leads significantly, thus increasing customer contact, showroom traffic, and ultimately sales.


Want To Be The Dealership Everyone Tells Their Friends About?

Think about the last time you had a fantastic meal out at a restaurant. Not only was the food amazing, but the service was also out-of-this-world. Wouldn’t you be sure to tell your friends and family about your server and insist that they go to that restaurant and ask for that server the next time they’re out? The same goes for customer service in the automotive business.

Purchasing a vehicle is significantly more emotional and substantial than the purchase of a steak. However, word of mouth carries the same weight, if not more, in this situation. You hear more horror stories about failed attempts at making a deal than you do good stories. Provide intelligent, helpful, and understanding live chat representatives who are ready and able to assist your website visitors in answering their questions. Then, hand them over to your experienced sales associates or BDC representatives who will continue the customer service. In the end, you have happy customers who will be sure to send you their own repeat business as well as referrals of family members and friends.

So, the answer the initial question: Is Automotive Live Chat for you? If you’re a dealership that…

…wants to enhance their online presence and automotive marketing strategies;

… wants more quality auto sales leads;

…wants to achieve a heightened level of customer service;

…wants to get more repeat and referral business;

…wants to sell more cars;


Then yes. Automotive Live Chat Software is definitely for you.

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