Get With the Times and Enhance Your Automotive Marketing with Dealer Chat Software

October 30, 2010 - 12:49 am

As times change and technology advances, so do automotive marketing practices. For quite some time, many dealers depended solely on television commercials, newspaper advertisements and direct mail to attract customers. As the internet and social media markets grow, more dealers are signing onto using the Internet as their primary marketing tool, and with good reason. It is crucial that you maximize the effectiveness of your internet marketing to ensure that your dealership’s success grows with the ever changing marketing techniques. The number one most effective way to do this is by using live dealer chat software on your website.

Many dealers do not see the need to incorporate a dealer chat function onto their website. They seem to be comfortable in their current automotive marketing practices and adopt the attitude: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” It’s important to realize that a very large percentage of consumers begin their search for purchasing vehicles online. They will be seeing your website before they set foot into your dealership. This being the case, it is essential that you interact with these potential buyers while they’re shopping.

Keep in mind that just because a consumer is not in your showroom does not mean that they’re not your customer. An internet consumer becomes a customer as soon as they land on your website. They are there for the same reason as a customer in your showroom; to browse, inquire, and buy a vehicle. The rules of customer service do not change – the only thing that does is the interaction method. No matter their physical locale, the customer still deserves your respect and acknowledgement that they’re present – even if it’s via internet. Not having dealer chat software is like not greeting a customer on your lot. You are ignoring countless customers who are stepping – or clicking — into your internet showroom.

When you incorporate a live chat function on your website, you are essentially generating your own quality sales leads. Almost every automotive dealer today uses some sort of third-party lead generation in their automotive marketing strategy. However, often times, leads will come through from customers that have no interest in your product or are no longer in the market for a vehicle at all. Other times, the customer provided incorrect information, and you make countless attempts at contacting the customer. With dealer chat, you have the customer live, online, and ready to not only to interact and engage in conversation, but provide valid contact information that will make following up with the customer much more successful. Organically generated leads certainly have a much higher closing ratio, and dealer chat software can help with that.

A website without dealer chat is like a showroom without sales associates. It is important to acknowledge your website traffic and to treat them as if each visitor is a customer who is present in- person in your showroom. Live dealer chat is an essential part of any automotive marketing strategy, and without it, your dealership is losing countless opportunities for leads, sales, and referral business. If you make a great first impression on each customer – internet or showroom, your dealership will stand out and word of mouth will kick in. When you’re reviewing your marketing strategy, be sure dealer chat is a part of it, and you’re sure to see increased success.

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