How to Engage with Car Shoppers Immediately

March 27, 2023 - 2:44 pm

Online car shoppers

People who are shopping for a car or looking for vehicle service will typically visit your website – and your competitors – before visiting a dealership.
Being available around the clock is essential if you want their business.

Customers have questions, and they want good answers right away. Using proactive managed live chat on your dealership’s website means you are available to immediately answer any questions the customer may have.

Our managed chat service makes it easy to connect immediately with potential car buyers
Most car dealers know that contacting leads as quickly as possible is key to turning them into customers. The sooner you contact fresh leads, the better the chance of converting those lead to sales.

With CarChat24 on your dealership website, you have the ability to engage with customers while they are on your website, without having to depend on a contact form or an after-hours phone call.  With our managed live chat service, highly trained chat operators are available to answer the questions your potential leads have and gather their contact information. It really speeds up the whole process of nurturing a car sales lead.

Live chat also helps personalize your website and ensures visitors will find exactly what they are looking for. Chat agents can virtually hold the customer’s hand and help them find what they are looking for on your site. CarChat24 acts as an extension of your dealership, providing excellent customer service and sales support, while freeing your dealership staff to sell more vehicles.


Find out how CarChat24 can help you win more happy and satisfied customers.
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