Provide Better Customer Support at a Lower Cost with Live Chat and CarChat24

April 26, 2023 - 4:38 pm

Better customer service with live chat

Live chat is now an essential tool for online customer support that leads to better customer satisfaction, more sales, and lower service costs. Here are some reasons your car dealership should use live chat for customer service.

People Love Chat

Live chat provides a means of instant communication with your dealership, and people love instant gratification. As a result, chat has become one of the most effective methods of providing online support.

When customers engage with a live chat operator, the experience is relatively quick and easy. When executed properly, chat does not get in the way of the user’s experience. Customers can continue browsing the website while chatting.

With CarChat24, operators have access to each customer’s path while visiting they visit the website, co-browsing features, and other helpful tools. This makes it almost as if your support team is right there helping your customers find their way around, improving the experience and increasing the likelihood of more sales for you. Everyone wins.

By offering live chat as a support option on your car dealership’s website, you are opening up to customers who may have left your website without asking for help.

Lower Cost of Customer Service

The cost of customer service with live chat is lower than most other options like email or phone support. Customer service representatives using chat spend less time per interaction than they would with other methods, so each session takes up less of your team’s time. And we all know that time = money.


Chat enables support staff to do more things at the same time. A chat agent can handle multiple customers. A phone operator can only handle one at a time.

Dealerships can see major cost reductions over time with an efficient live chat system like CarChat24.

Overall, the use of live chat can save money on implementation, ongoing platform and service costs, and employee task time.

What are you waiting for?

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