24-hour chat support is key to holiday staffing

December 15, 2016 - 1:59 pm
CarChat24 chat and text helps dealers sell more cars, trucks, and SUVs during the holidays

CarChat24 chat and text helps dealers sell more cars, trucks, and SUVs during the holidays

As Christmas and New Year’s Day approach, finishing strong is the biggest focus for car dealers, and CarChat24’s chat and text services help fill staffing gaps – and help sell more cars. During the rest of the year it is difficult (if not impossible) for dealers to self-manage their live chat and text in-house. These communications tools can actually cost sales if chat / text requests don’t get a response within 6 seconds. Or if the homepage says they are offline.

At best a minimum wage employee costs $1,500 to $2,000 per month, and most stores don’t want minimum wage people handling key communications like live chat. With CarChat24, dealers can often spend just a fraction of the investment of a good employee and have high-performance operators on standby around the clock to start the sales process with customers.

Most dealers want their staff on the phones or sales floor selling

Generally, a third to a half of all chat conversations are about parts and service. And about half the sales conversations result in a quality lead. With chat conversation times in the eight-minute range, not many dealers want their staff spending hours a day in chat and text discussions when they can be on the phone selling.

With most websites generating about a two percent form lead rate, adding 50 percent to that is no small potatoes. Chat operators perform a specialty skill for dealers, much like a dent remover, detailer, or paint touchup expert. So it makes sense to partner with CarChat24 to handle the chat conversations and hand off quality contact information for the BDC or sales team to convert to a sale.

Each visitor to a dealer website that can convert to a sale is critical to the bottom line this time of year. And when business slows in January, it can be even MORE important to count on CarChat24 to convert them to leads. Call, text, or chat with us today to schedule a demo so you can boost sales for December, January, and beyond.

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