Beware these 5 celeb diet fads; our managed chat performance is no fad

Elle McPherson's 'Super Elixir' makes the British Dietetic Association list of worst diets for 2016

Elle McPherson’s ‘Super Elixir’ makes the British Dietetic Association list of worst diets for 2016. Creative Commons photo by Eva Rinaldi

So the British Dietetic Association (BDA) released its 2016 five worst celebrity diets to avoid earlier this month, led by a “No Sugar Diet” championed by Tom Hanks and Alec Baldwin. And while this and the other four on the list may be a knee-jerk for people desperate to shed pounds, our industry-leading managed chat helping auto dealers sell more cars off their website is certainly no fad.

Let’s take a gander at who’s reportedly using these diets and what’s wrong with them, according to BDA (READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE HERE), then look at a few of the reasons that live chat from CarChat24 sells the most cars of any provider.

  1. No Sugar Diet – was #3 last year / Tom Hanks & Alec Baldwin
    This fad diet is about as sweet as a Yugo, as it eliminates all kinds of sugars and sometimes all carbs. It’s possibly a good idea, except that also kills fruit and a lot of healthy veggies.
  2. The all-kale and chewing gum diet / Jake Gyllenhaal
    The title is self-explanatory, but the BDA says even if something might be considered a ‘super food’, you still need balance for a healthy diet – and life. Kind of like a supercar with an old Ford Pinto engine powering it.
  3. Bulletproof Diet / Harry Styles & Shailene Woodley
    Crazier than a non-responsive dealer website, this fad cuisine is centered around a cup of black coffee with heaps of butter and oil that adds up to 400 calories and a detailed list of food do’s and don’ts. Slippery logic guides this crazy plan, according to the BDA, because the first 400 calories of your day are emptier than a car lot on Super Bowl Sunday.
  4. The Super Elixir / Elle McPherson
    Apparently Elle is the pitch-ma’am for this complex food additive that the BDA says could be easily replicated by actually eating healthy food. It’s a bit like the old undercoating concept because it sounds good, costs a lot, and has questionable actual benefits.
  5. Trim Secrets / Chanelle Hayes of Big Brother fame
    Appetite suppressant pills are as abundant as cigarette butts in an old used car lot. This caffeine-laden pill marketed by a well-known Scottish baroness complements a 1500-calorie diet that would trigger weight loss anyway.

While these seemingly nutty diets seem as wise a choice as using a home equity loan to buy stock in Takata’s airbag division, using our live chat can bump dealer website leads by 50 percent or more – and sales by the same margin.  Just like a balanced diet, our scientific approach has passed the test of time. Here are just a few reasons CarChat24 leads the ‘chat pack’:

  • Cutting-edge SignalR technology for more reliable mobile chats
  • Massively-tested website icons and proactive pop-up invitations
  • Highly-trained operators who are directly supervised and receive performance reviews monthly
  • Custom software developed in-house specifically to generate automotive sales leads

Don’t be fooled by slick gimmicks that are not proven to actually sell more cars, or these diets that have been fully debunked. Like balanced nutrition, our managed chat is a proven formula for success! Call or chat today to schedule a quick online demo.

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