VIDEO: Jeff Sterns talks about the importance of live chat over website text

In this video about managed chat and text on car dealer websites, CartChat24 VP of Sales, Jeff Sterns, goes into detail about some of the differences, especially the impact of website bounce, because to initiate a text / SMS conversation, the first thing you have to do is ask for the auto shopper’s phone number.

A few other differences between website chat and website texting on automotive websites include:

  • Text character limit; website chat allows for longer, more conversational experience for website visitors looking for a car
  • The ability to ‘push’ or share pages; text only allows for a link, where some chat programs (especially CarChat24) can actually open up the auto specials or credit application pages in a new tab or browser window
  • A more personal experience that increase the chance that a chat during a website visit is converted to a lead, and eventual car deal.

CarChat24 has tested the results of website texting and live chat to generate a lead, and the results were wildly more successful with chat. For more information about our industry-best managed chat or chat software based on HTML5-friendly SignalR technology, contact us today!

Check out the Facebook version of the video posted on the CarChat24 Facebook page.

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