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dealerElite: A Review from a Humble Member

May 4, 2011 - 11:18 pm

dealer elite

I spend a lot of my time perusing Automotive forums. Whether it’s for my Suzuki Forenza that I no longer have, or just to interact with dealers, I love  sharing information and getting information from other people. What can I say, I’m a true social networking geek!

It’s hard to find a forum these days that is filled with great content, great members, and is easy to use. Almost every one you visit either is too hard to navigate, or just doesn’t have quality content.

By far, one of the greatest automotive forums I have been on is

Not only are some of the most brilliant minds in the Automotive Business hanging around, but there are just so many great things happening. The well-known guru Dave Anderson has his own corner where he features different inspirational post. I, myself love sharing motivational things that I’ve found beneficial to get me through a tough day.

There are also videos shared on the site. The founder of the site actually called me this past week in honor of women’s month, and asked me to upload a video myself. I’m seriously considering this.

Another feature of the site that I love is the ability to promote others’ or your own posts. I’ve written posts that have gotten no comments, I’ve written posts that have gotten 10-20. It’s not really the number of comments so much as you sharing your views on the site. It’s almost empowering.

With an easy to use interface, and friendly users who are there to help you in any way possible, dealerElite has definitely gone out of its way to provide we, the members what we most look for; simplicity, interaction, and content. They’ve really hit the goldmine on this one.

Check out dealerElite, guys. Totally worth the join! Did I mention that it’s free?


It’s free!

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