Dealership Chat is the Easiest Addition to Generate more Car Sales

June 5, 2015 - 1:21 am

Finishing the Sale

Lately, we’ve seen an influx of products and services that are designed to enhance dealer websites. Different widgets and plugins are popping up left and right. Quite a few of them are interesting. Others seem to be fluff. One thing is certain: there are still plenty of dealers out there missing out on the low-hanging fruit when it comes to website enhancements.

Chat is the most important addition to any website. We’re biased, of course, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not true, especially when you look at the data. Even from anecdotal information we’re hearing about how the interaction on websites increases dramatically once a strong dealership chat solution is installed on a website. Before plugging in the latest fancy gadget, dealers must cover their bases with chat.

Here’s what dealership chat does for your website visitors:

  • Answering Questions – There are many things that a website visitor might need to know that shouldn’t require a lead form or phone call. When does the parts department close? What does the CarFax say about a particular vehicle? How early can I drop off my car for service? Giving your website visitors an easy way to get simple questions answered makes for a much better experience than forcing them to fill out a form.
  • Establishes Trust – Our industry relies on trust to make every aspect of it more successful. From sales to service, parts to finance, website visitors want to be able to trust their dealership with everything automotive. Chat gives website visitors a feeling of transparency. It portrays a message of helpfulness and a willingness to be there for all of your customers’ needs.
  • More Leads – This isn’t listed last because it’s the least important. It’s listed last because it can be the most important for many dealerships out there. Leads are becoming harder to come by as website visitors are simply filling out fewer forms than they once did. With chat, it gives your website and dealership an opportunity to answer some questions and demonstrate trustworthiness in an effort to earn the lead information. The numbers are very clear: strong dealership chat increases leads and sales.

In an industry as competitive as ours, it can be very appealing to try the newest shiny gadget or fancy widget to make your website better. We’re all for that, but first a dealership website should cover the basics and chat is simplest change you can make to improve effectiveness.

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