Live chat when dealership is closed

Managed chat works during hurricanes Iselle and Julio

August 8, 2014 - 1:18 am

As Hawaii braces for a hurricane double-whammy from Iselle and Julio, most operations at car dealerships are coming to a halt. Staff members are focused on protecting their families and their homes, and car shoppers are doing the same, so auto sales will have to wait.

But who is able to start the process selling cars when buyers are hunkered down or trying to replace their cars in the aftermath? WE ARE, that’s who! At CarChat24, the dealers who count on us to handle their live chat inquiries around the clock can rest assured that even when the dealership’s doors can’t open, our operators can start the sales process for their customers.

Twenty-four hours a day, we are able to turn auto sales inquiries into quality leads that close at a higher ratio than third party leads. In addition, we can communicate on behalf of your service and parts department. Is the dealership power out? No worries; we have multiple locations to assure we are always available to support your store. Limited staff? Not a problem; with CarChat24’s well-trained staff of operators standing by to communicate with buyers, your dealership is still ready for business.

Car dealerships that rely on our managed chat full time or as a backup option know that our full-time operators help make us the top-rated website chat provider in the industry. Not every dealership faces the forces of nature head-on, but it’s nice to know when bad weather or other challenges threaten a dealership’s ability to keep the doors open, our services ensure sales leads keep rolling in to help car sales keep moving.

We wish our dealer friends in harm’s way all the best in the days to come.

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