Claims and Verdicts: Can Dealer Chat Software Really Increase Your Car Sales Leads?

March 24, 2011 - 2:56 am

Dealer Chat Software isn’t anything new. There are plenty of choices out there for a dealer chat provider. Each one boasts the ability to help you get more car sales leads and to ultimately sell more cars. Are their claims fact or fiction?


The Claim: Dealer Chat Software is an essential part of dealer website marketing


The Verdict: Fact


If you’re doing any kind of website marketing (which at this point, we hope you are!) then you need to be able to track your website traffic. Analytics software can easily measure the number of visitors. Tracking the number of visitors is good, but tracking the conversion rate of visitors who purchase a vehicle is more exciting. Dealer Chat software gives you the ability to capture leads as they generate in real time.


The Claim: Having dealer chat coverage 24/7 is better than just during business hours


The Verdict: Fact


When your dealership is open for business, you can have a salesmen or your internet department take care of your car sales leads. What happens when the dealership closes for the night or weekend? Are you paying additional staff to come in and work overtime? Even then, do you really have someone watching the site 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Of course not, just because no one from your dealership is online and available to chat doesn’t mean that someone isn’t visiting your site with the intention to buy. It’s very important to get maximum coverage on your dealer website. Dealer Chat Software from some companies like CarChat24 enable you to have 24/7 website coverage.


The Claim: Dealer Chat Software can increase conversion rates over 60%.


The Verdict: Mostly Fact


Why mostly? Many companies claim to be able to increase conversion rates. Before you go for the company that boasts the highest conversion rates, be sure that they have done case studies. Don’t be afraid to have them “prove” that they can take your website traffic and convert it into car sales leads.


The Claim: Car Sales Leads generated from dealer chat software are of a higher quality than third party sales leads.


The Verdict: Fact


How many times have you contacted a third party generated sales lead and had them say “I never inquired” or “I’m just looking” or not even answer their phones at all? Now that more and more third party lead sources are using social media websites to generate leads, the number of people who simply click “yes” to a question like “would you maybe, possibly buy a car sometime in the distant future?” in order to get more credits for their favorite game is astronomical. These aren’t leads; at least not the leads that will sell more cars. When it comes to your own dealer website, using dealer chat software enables you to capture visitors who are on your site because they like your product or have questions about your product. These leads are leads. Not just any leads, they are car sales leads that have a closing rate 3 to 4 times higher than a third party car sales lead provider.


When it comes to Dealer Chat Software, there are many claims. The majority of them are the truth. Dealer Chat Software is an essential part of your dealer website. It can generate higher quality sales leads and increase car sales lead conversion rates.


The Claim: If you don’t already have dealer chat software, you should do so immediately so you don’t miss any more opportunities to sell cars.


The Verdict: 100% Fact

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