Something a Little Different – CarChat24 Launches Its Blog

February 6, 2011 - 7:15 pm

Nothing says innovation like a hot-off-the-press blog. We here at CarChat24 are very excited to share all of the insider information of the automotive business with you, our readers.

Right off the bat, let’s go over some FAQ’s that you might have.

What is CarChat24?

CarChat24 is a company created by automotive dealers for automotive dealers. The owners of CarChat24 have decades of experience in the car business and wanted to pass their intensive knowledge of what works on to their dealer connections. CarChat24 provides 24 hour live chat services to automotive dealers all over the United States and Canada.

Why Do I Need Live Chat?

Well, you might not need it. We’ll get into a lot of studies and viewpoints of dealers who are against the idea of having a live chat function on their website. In our opinion, if you’re a car dealer who wants to explore one of the most lucrative and successful ways to generate quality leads and sell more vehicles, then you should have a website. If you have a website, you should have a live chat function.

What can I expect from the CarChat24 blog?

Simply put: Anything and everything related to the automotive business. From automotive business news, to technological advancements, to the newest and greatest networking events and sites that are sure to get you your daily dose of sales inspiration. We’ve got you covered.

Don’t worry, it won’t be all about automotive live chat and its benefits, though of course we’ll share some of that interesting stuff too. Our number one priority is to give you what you want. If you have a suggestion for a blog post, leave it in the comments, or e-mail [email protected].

Why a blog? Why now? Blogging isn’t new, you DO know that, right?

Yes, we do. Blogging isn’t new. But it’s new for us. Up until now, instead of blogging, we’ve mostly interacted on different message boards, (especially dealerElite) spending our time doing one-on-one interaction as opposed to blog entries that are written to no one in particular. While we still adore our networking sites, and will continue to interact there, we want to branch out a little. Spread our blogging wings, if you will. We have a lot to share, get ready!

How will I know when you post a new blog?

We have two options here.

1) Subscribe to our RSS Feed by clicking below. Or, you can simply paste into your favorite RSS Reader (I’m a Google Reader kind of person, myself.)

Subscribe in a reader

2) Sign up for our e-mail subscription. This isn’t an option…YET. We’re still working out the kinks and making sure we get the perfect combination of dependability and no-spam-ability for the tool we go with. Stay tuned, this is in progress!

Does CarChat24 have any specials going on for their live chat service right now?

The one thing at CarChat24 that we like to focus on is how to make our potential clients see that this really is a good thing to have. We know that sometimes you use products for a month or two and decide it isn’t for you. This happens. We understand that. So, we’re now offering a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

And we always have our $295.00 flat rate monthly service.

Is this the end?

Yes, this is the end of this post. But it’s only the beginning for our CarChat24 Blog. Stay tuned for some awesome news, fabulous deals, and interesting happenings that we’ll be sharing with you.

If you have any questions or concerns, give us a quick call. We’re here for you. 800-510-7567.

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