This chat is a gamechanger

The Message from Around the Automotive Industry: “This chat is a gamechanger”

February 18, 2015 - 4:00 pm

It’s easy for any company to point to their products and say, “it’s a gamechanger.” We’re no different, but we do have one thing on our side that most do not have: the data to back it up.

When dealers utilize the proper pro-active approach to chat, their total lead volume increases. When dealers have operators available through chat 24/7, their total lead volume increases. When their chat solution is focused on mobile and allows website visitors to easily communicate with them, their lead volume increases. These are indisputable facts that become reality for every dealer that takes advantage of our managed chat solution.

Everyone has statistics they can show. Judging by the way they’re all positioned, one might believe that every chat provider is better than every other chat provider. This is, of course, impossible. How can one discern if everyone has numbers to say they’re the best? We look to the ultimate judges: you. Between our clients and the other vendors who have used our services, we can demonstrate that we’re truly the best in the business.

Here are some examples from across the internet:

From the DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards:

Outstanding vendors should get credit for the great products and services they’re providing, so remember to rate your vendors each quarter.

From the Automotive Website Awards 2015:

The company offers a robust chat management interface. CarChat24 provides both an outsourced model as well as an internally managed model. If dealers choose to manage their own chat, they will be pleased with the reporting that CarChat24 offers their customers. In fact, the company has the best chat reporting tools in the industry.

From Dealer Authority Reviews:

The biggest selling point for us was the intent of the company and its people. The chat operators are graded based upon their ability to generate quality leads for the dealership. The better they do, the more money they make. This is an important distinction between the chat companies. Having alignment of goals is a key to a successful partnership.

These are great, but the most important ones are the 43 5-star reviews we’ve received in the last year alone on Driving Sales that comes from dealers. Your opinion is what matters the most. Here’s one from DrivingSales Dealer Reviews:

Best Managed Chat company that we have ever used. They take great care of our Chat customers 24/7. We average about 50 to 60 leads a month and its not just about leads. Its being there for our online shoppers when they have questions. Our rep Tracey Mitchell checks in on us on a regular basis and always get the job done quickly when we need any changes. The reporting and admin tool are the best I have ever used.

Anyone can say that they’re the best. It’s the buzz happening at the dealerships that makes the real difference.

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