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Quality Managed Chat Shouldn’t Require a Super Bowl Budget Battle

February 6, 2016 - 1:41 pm

ROI and Sold Units are like a high-powered offense

CarChat24 Super Bowl graphic
Every day in car dealerships there is an epic battle for allocation of dollars, and picking a quality live chat provider doesn’t have to be as stressful as getting tickets to the Big Game – or as expensive. Facility and staffing expenses grind like a line of scrimmage battle for the bottom line, while every vendor in town bangs on the door and burns up the phone line trying to get to the dealership checkbook like a linebacker trying to separate the quarterback from the ball.

CarChat24-ROIThe list runs the gamut from cleaning services and billboards in the material world to automotive classified ad sites and chat providers (that’s us) in digital marketing space. Dealers and general managers have to choose every day whether to focus on the cost or expense of a product, or focus on Return on Investment based on sold units. Kind of like Denver’s defense worrying if Cam Newton is going to throw the ball or run for a first down.

This ROI versus cost is a stadium-worthy battle in every form of marketing. Dealers have to decide whether to use a DealerOn website or stick with the factory’s VinSolutions options. Pick Netsertive or AutoFusion to boost website traffic with SEM? TrueCar or not TrueCar? And then there’s the decision to trust CarChat24 with its scientific research and next-gen SignalR mobile chat technology. A focus purely on cost can quickly lead to dollar-store quality support – and results, while a close look at ROI based on SOLD UNITS can quickly shed light on the excellent VALUE of managed chat from CarChat24.

signal R diag
In addition, there are measurable benefits for fixed operations with leads for the parts and service departments that are akin to a quality special teams squad. A well-trained chat operator can enhance defense of a dealer’s bottom line by protecting CSI scores with a live person to interact with website shoppers around the clock, like Michel Oher protects Newton’s blind side.

Choosing a live chat provider shouldn’t be as challenging as drawing up a defense for Newton, but you definitely want a company with a proven record of performance like Peyton Manning. Call or chat with us today to learn how CarChat24 can boost dealer website leads by as much as 60 percent or more.

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