10 reasons to add CarChat24 to your 2016 New Year Resolution list

2016 Checklist

Whether or not you’ve finished your resolution list for the new year, managed chat from CarChat24 definitely needs to be on it. With more than half the dealers in the country using chat on their websites and auto shoppers embracing this technology in droves, the financial and CSI risks of going with a budget provider become ever greater. Here are 10 key reasons to choose CarChat24:

  • Number one managed chat provider for sold units compared to unique visits
  • Founded and run by veteran auto industry pros
  • Cutting-edge SignalR next-gen chat technology
  • Every element and process scientifically A-B tested
  • Lowest cannibalization rates
  • Operators average 4+ years of experience
  • Custom live chat software for auto industry
  • Proven and tested chat responses
  • Award-winning chat software and analytics
  • CarFax and Edmunds data integration

These are only a few considerations for dealers shopping for live chat. Contact us today for more information how CarChat24 can generate more leads and help sell more cars with quality managed chat on dealer websites.



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