CarChat24 managed chat and text protect against car sales slumps

November 2, 2016 - 1:47 am

– October car sales dropped 4.4 percent

October 2016 auto sales dropped 4.4 percent.

Detroit Free Press says sales are strong despite drop in sales

American auto sales in October were a bit dyslexic, and website text and chat can help dealers maintain sales. Sales slipped 4.4 percent, with some manufacturers showing gains and others a decline, and it is still estimated to be one of the best selling months ever, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“First, October of 2015 was one of the highest sales months in the history of the industry, so being ‘down’ compared to last year was almost inevitable,” said Kelley Blue Book senior analyst Karl Brauer in another Detroit Free Press article. “Second, there were two fewer selling days in October 2016 versus 2015, along with an East Coast hurricane impacting sales in that region.”

CarChat24 can boost website-sourced sales by 50 percent or more

But all is not sunshine and roses. Car and some pickup model sales are down, while SUVs remain very strong. And incentives are at record levels. But while national sales numbers are important, dealer staff really care about sales at their dealership, and salespeople worry about their own pockets. That’s where chat and text come in. Conversations with dealers across the country reveal that some dealers continue to have strong sales, while others have noticeably dropped. CarChat24’s technology is proven to measurably boost leads from traffic already visiting dealer websites.

An average of 70 percent of dealership website visitors are ‘unique’, which means they’re not coming back. Offering CarChat24 chat and text links, along with proactive popups that have been carefully tested, can boost website leads by as much as 50 percent or more. And these are leads that typically convert at the same rate as dealer website form leads.

Cutting-edge technology like SignalR server protocols, the best chat operators in the industry, and a proven interface help CarChat24 sell more cars through chat than any other provider. Call, chat, or text us today to schedule your quick online demo.

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