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Live Chat Lessons from other Industries

October 9, 2012 - 2:40 pm
CarChat24 Automotive Live Chat experts

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While we are confident in our assertion that MORE THAN 60 PERCENT of our Chat Queries result in automotive leads that generate more car sales at a 200 to 300 percent higher rate than third party leads, we thought we would share some statistics from outside the car business.

Page 1 Solutions provides web solutions for the medical and legal industries, and they report very impressive success rates for Instant Chat Services in those fields.Their clients enjoyed lead increases ranging from 114 percent in the legal field to as much as 164 percent increase for their dental clients. Medical clients like plastic surgery and LASIC providers saw a jump of more than 120 percent.

Similar to the auto industry, Page 1 Solutions emphasizes that a key to success is how a company responds to the lead. “Regardless of how much you pay for Instant Chat, the key is to implement conversion strategies that generate a high return on investment.”

As a leader in the Automotive Live Chat field, we have pioneered strategies that lead to higher car sales through structured processes during and after the chat experience. Our continued study of behavioral tendencies of buyers results in massive data sets that give us a unique insight into car buyers’ shopping habits.

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