Choosing Chat Software

How to choose dealership live chat software

September 4, 2013 - 12:37 pm

More and more auto dealers see the value of an effective live chat strategy for their website, and choosing the right software is critical to help ensure a strong return on investment (ROI). Successfully managing live chat in-house requires a commitment of manpower and development of processes, and since CarChat24 is just one of several companies that offer affordable or even free chat software, choosing can be a daunting task.

Essentially, a dealership live chat program is an extension of existing tools, like your website and BDC. After all, the goal is to increase the amount of quality leads (and sales) without cannibalizing leads from the CONTACT FORM, so the last thing you (or we) want is for your live chat implementation to end up like the last unsuccessful private sale you held.

Here are seven key elements your dealer chat software should include:

  • Engineered specifically for the auto industry so it can be easily incorporated into current processes
  • Comprehensive, yet easy to operate DASHBOARD for both users and managers
  • Compatible with your website / web integration / branding, so it looks organic to your brand, rather than seems stuck on
  • Forward lead information (including transcript) to CRM / Email so prospects receive effective follow-up and follow-through
  • Usability features, including an ability to watch as guest types, easy information lookup, versatile user management
  • Variety of looks for invites / icons / surveys so your interface doesn’t look ‘cookie cutter’ to website visitors
  • Powerful reporting so you can measure the progress and success of your team

Setting up live chat in-house can entail a substantial investment of time and energy, and many dealerships are able to show a positive impact on their bottom line. If your team struggles to make an in-house chat strategy work, or you discover you can’t answer chat requests after hours, you will want to look at a managed / hosted live chat option either as a backup to your staff or even as a full-time option.

Dealers that find the right chat software or managed live chat service typically stick with it, because the ROI us undeniable.

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