Don’t forget chat leads can boost CPO

May 4, 2016 - 1:19 am
increas pre-owned and CPO sales

Boost pre-owned and CPO sales with chat leads from CarChat24 (Manheim Photo)

CarChat24 world-class managed chat leads can help bump car dealer Certified Pre-Owned unit counts, as well as help used car sales overall. As off-lease and other late-model inventory continue to flood the market with used cars, dealers must continue to find every possible edge in their market. According to Auto Remarketing, auction sales last year jumped in dollar volume by almost 11 percent (to $90.6 billion), with the 9.2-million total unit sales representing a 6.5 percent increase.
For those of you with your calculators out, that’s a 2015 wholesale auction transaction increase of more than half a million cars! Even more significant is that the number of cars ENTERING the block also increased by nearly 900,000, with a total of 16.6 million total cars rolling across. That’s nearly one car rolling through the lane for every new car sold last year.

In short, there’s a boatload of used car inventory that will cause trade values to slip, making it harder to move premium CPO stock as things move forward. That is where CarChat24 can make a measureable difference in CPO sales from chat leads. The increase of dealer website form leads of 50 percent or more can boost certified car leads, as well.

wholesale auction increase of half a million carsThe variety of tools at the fingertips of a CarChat24 Managed Chat operator are one key to our status as the top performing chat lead provider for sold units. Automated Google Translate in to more than 50 languages, built-in CarFax report capability, and our new video push capability, are just a few tech bits that help us lead the pack.

CarChat24 tech innovation drives increase in chat leads

Our tool belt includes innovations like SignalR servers and the best mobile chat in the car business. We’ve added new tech like embedded push videos, text to chat, and even live video chat transfers. All these features are coupled with the best-trained operators in the industry, helping CarChat24 continue to pace the industry with the best managed chat, whether dealer website visitors are interested in new cars, used cars or Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

The glut of used inventory is only going to grow, and the dealers who sharpen their game with high-performance website products like CarChat24’s managed chat will be the ones that dominate their market in car sales.

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