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Three Different Live Chat Experiences for Auto Dealers

When auto dealers are asked about their experiences with live chat on their website, they typically have three different responses, if they have worked with it before. Chat Expert, Tom LaPointe, explains the experiences in this video, shot at the 2015 Innovative Dealer Summit, in Denver.

  1. Have it and love it – whether they use chat software for self-managed chat or opt for a managed chat provider, they are very pleased with the experience
  2. Using it and it’s satisfactory – they have a live chat option and it is basically OK
  3. Tried it and it sucked –  it’s like talking to an auto shopper from the 1980’s who had a disastrous lease experience with open-ended leases and massive fees. Getting them to reconsider is quite the challenge.

Quality managed chat support is the quickest and most cost-effective way to enjoy a 40 to 60 percent jump in leads on auto dealer websites.

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