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The Secret To Getting More Quality Car Sales Leads Revealed!

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We’ve got big news. Today we’re revealing one of the most sought out pieces of information in the automotive business. It’s bigger than “How to overcoming objections”. This is bigger than “Why am I not selling any cars and it’s tax season?”  The question that is heard most often by dealers is:

“Where can I get the highest quality car sales leads that are worth the cost?”

This question is often asked in sales meetings and countrywide conferences and different answers are given depending on who is asked. Someone who is in the vehicle specific lead sales business will say that Vehicle Specific Leads are the way to go. Representatives from BarNone or CarsDirect third party lead source providers will sell themselves until they’re blue in the face.

Of course, since we’re an automotive live lead service provider, you suspect that we’re going to say that our third party car sales leads are the best leads for everyone, right?


Truth is, high quality car sales leads generated by dealer live chat sources are not always the best for every dealership. They are however the best car sales leads for dealerships who meet a certain criteria.

1) You must have a dealer website:

This one seems pretty obvious. No website – No dealer website chat.

2) You must have a dealer website in which you make some kind of effort to drive traffic to:

You can’t just have a website that is ‘live’ but you don’t make any marketing efforts to attract people to your site. The purpose of dealer live chat is to interact with people who are on your website.

3) You must have a dedicated point of contact or department or a plan to who will follow up on your car sales leads

Do not expect your dealer live lead provider to sell the car for you. They can only do so much. When your leads are delivered into your inbox or CRM, make sure you get right on top of them and touch base with that customer. The more quickly that you contact your lead after it is delivered,  the more likely you are to reach them. Don’t let them pile up in your inbox unworked. Remember, these are car sales leads from people who want to buy a car, or else they would not have been on your dealer website.

4) You must believe that this can work for you

This might be a little more psychological, but the power of positive thinking is something that even the great Tony Robbins preaches. If you sign up for our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can’t be banking on the idea that you’re going to be getting your money back, and 3 months of free leads. That attitude will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Keep an open mind and a positive attitude and you’ll attract the same positivity to you.

At the end of the day, you won’t find us here at CarChat24 saying that everyone needs to have automotive live chat on their website. We won’t provide our service to dealers to which we don’t believe we can assist. We’d rather have your respect than your money.

At the same time, we believe that all dealerships have the potential to sell more cars and convert more leads by having CarChat24 as a provider of their car sales leads. With the right marketing, the right attitude, and the right provider, you have a perfect recipe for car sales success!

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