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Why Every Automotive Dealer Needs Dealer Chat Now

October 31, 2010 - 2:40 am

There are certain things that every automotive dealer needs. Dealers need a physical lot to store cars on, a manager to oversee operations, and customers to sell cars to. As time has passed, and technology has enhanced, more things can be added to the list of things a dealer needs. Including a website to showcase inventory and provide information, as well as automotive live chat to bring your website to life and capture more leads.

It’s safe to assume that all car dealers have a physical lot, a manager, customers, and a website, amongst many other things that contribute to having an effective business. However, when it comes to automotive live chat, most dealers don’t realize how beneficial this service is. It takes a bit more explaining to understand why having dealer chat on your website is so important.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what automotive live chat does. In short, dealer chat service is installed on your website, and assists you in capturing leads. Whether you choose to have agents from your dealership monitor the chats, or utilize a 24/7 fully-staffed live chat service like CarChat24, the goal of the service is the same; to convert more website visitors into valuable leads.

People are visiting your website right now. As you read this, chances are, at least 1 person is on your website browsing around. Is anyone available to help them to navigate around the site? Who is going to answer their questions? What if they want to make an appointment to come in, but are unable to call because they’re at work? Wouldn’t it be helpful if someone would reach out and say “hello” and offer to help? This is exactly what automotive live chat provides.

A website without dealer chat is like a showroom with no salespeople; ineffective and a waste of a resource. If you’re not going to welcome people into your showroom, physical or online, and offer to answer questions and help them to navigate your lot or website, how can you expect them to want to purchase something from you? When you shop online and have a question, would you agree that it’s much more helpful to ask your question online, since that’s where you’re shopping?

Keeping customers engaged is an important key to increasing your conversion. It’s great to get 5,000+ unique visitors to your website. However, if you’re only selling a few cars from this, then is the internet advertising you do even worth it? Attracting potential customers to your website is only half the battle. The other half is engaging them in conversation, encouraging them to come to your dealership, and addressing any questions that they might have. Automotive live chat enables you to do this effectively.

In a time of technology that is constantly advancing, it’s important to stay on top of the times. If you don’t hop aboard, you’ll get left behind. Not having dealer chat is a one-way ticket to going absolutely no where. With increased lead conversion rates, how can you afford not have automotive live chat? What are you waiting for?

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