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Why Dealer Chat Has To Be One Of Your Automotive Sales Lead Source

October 31, 2010 - 2:16 am

In every sales situation there is a “buyer” and a “seller”. Sales marketing and advertisements suggest the potential buyer ‘needs’ something. Even if the seller doesn’t flat out say “You NEED this”, it’s exactly what they’re thinking. There are very few things humans need to survive; Air, water, food, free wi-fi. (Maybe the last one was more personal.)

Either way, we don’t need a lot, we want a lot. The same goes for dealerships. Dealerships don’t need a lot to survive; cars, customers, and some automotive sales leads. In this day and age, we can even add a website to the list. I’ll take this one step further and say, if you’re a dealer then you need dealer chat on your website.

How could I possibly know you what you need? Where are my facts? Where are my numbers? Where’s my proof?


Where do I even begin?


How about the fact that it’s been proven time and time again that an automotive sales lead generated from your own website is a better quality lead, more so than any third party generated automotive sales lead. This makes sense because the people who come to your site are there for a reason.

I don’t know about you, but the first place I search for information regarding a purchase I’m about to make is the internet. Consumer trends show I’m not alone. Consumers are actively using the internet to research all information about major purchases including homes and cars. Potential customer are coming to your website because they want to buy a car, and possibly from you.

If you think about it, why wouldn’t you shop online? You can browse from the comfort of your home, while watching late night television, in your pajamas, eating popcorn and ice cream. If there was an ultimate utopia, that probably comes close.

Shouldn’t customers who browse your website get the same treatment that’s offered to customers who come onto your lot? Would you ever let someone wander into your showroom without even learning their name, at the very least? You never leave your open showroom unattended, and it should be the same with your website. Dealer chat enables you to capture leads, set appointments, and sell cars.

Many third party automotive sales lead providers boast instant delivery to your inbox. While this is often true, when a customer submits a lead at 2:45 AM on a Sunday morning, who is going to work that lead? If a customer wanders onto your site and has a question, who is going to answer it? You’re losing potential customers, sales, and ultimately money by not having dealer chat on your website.

For as many reasons that I’ve given you, to help you understand that you need dealer chat on your website, it only takes one objection to prevent you from investing. That investment could be the difference between an “okay” month and an “amazing” month. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.

Take a shot. Many dealer chat providers provide a free trial. What do you have to lose?

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