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Where Are The Quality Car Sales Leads Hiding?

April 17, 2011 - 2:57 am

With the birth of Facebook and online marketing, it seems like more and more third party lead source providers are promising more leads. At the same they’re eliminating their ‘bad lead policies’.

What’s a bad lead policy? Just as it implies, it is a policy that assures that they will refund leads that are unreachable or claim to never have filled out an inquiry. Seems fair, right? If they aren’t quality leads, why are you paying for them?

That makes one think, “if even my best third party car sales leads provider isn’t giving me quality leads, then where are all of the car sales leads hiding?”

The simple answer: You already have them. You just don’t know it.

How many people visit your website each day? Maybe you have analytics software that measures this, but chances are you have a general idea. How many of those people actually come into your dealership?

Unless you have dealer chat software, then you really don’t have an accurate idea of how many true leads that your website can generate. The truth is, without dealer chat software you are not selling more cars and you’re losing business.

Dealer Chat Software isn’t just a way for you to say hello to your website visitors. That may be the first thing you say, but it’s so much more than that. Being able to interact with visitors before they step into your dealership helps you build a good rapport. I won’t sit here and say without dealer chat software, you have never received a lead, but you surely wouldn’t have the same connection with a potential customer as you would if you were to engage in a conversation with them prior to their visit.

You are talking to real people who want to buy a car, or else they wouldn’t be on your website in the first place. Unlike most of the third party sources who grab their leads from social media sites or other survey sites, your website visitors are visiting your dealer website. They want your product. You can’t get higher quality car sales leads than that!

Having a dealer website may have been enough in 2009, but in 2010 and especially now in 2011, technology has advanced and so has consumer intelligence. The majority of people do their shopping online. 80% of consumers report that they check products out online before they purchase them. Whether you want them to or not, or whether you have dealer chat software or not; potential customers are shopping you online first.

Dealer Chat Software also enables you to get more service and parts leads. Not many dealers realize this added benefit. Some of the visitors who come on your website might be checking out your oil change or maintenance prices. Just as interacting with a potential car sales lead is essential, so is chatting with a service and parts lead. They’re big money makers too!

With its ability to engage the potential customer before they come into your showroom, increase conversion, and maximize your sales and parts leads, having dealer chat software just makes more sense to have than it does to not have it. Without dealer chat software, you just have a website. Adding dealer chat software makes you a modern-high-tech dealership. Stop having missed opportunities, start generating higher quality car sales leads!

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