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What You Should Know Before Choosing a Provider for Your Automotive Sales Leads

October 31, 2010 - 1:57 am

Understanding The Lead Generation Process

The year is halfway through and with this past decade has come much technological advancement. The automotive business’ age-old practices have been enhanced and while some are no longer existent, others have changed completely. Regardless of the changes, all car dealers have one practice in common: purchasing Automotive Sales Leads. Have you searched for Automotive Sales Leads recently? There is a multitude of choices available. How do you know which providers are worth the investment, and which haven’t advanced with the times?

When you search “Automotive Sales Leads”, Google’s first ranked site is a directory of sales leads from This is helpful, as it lists many providers, but it doesn’t give you any feedback on the providers. You do have a starting place, though. Now, let’s figure out the quality of these leads.

Something to keep in mind about any third party car sales lead provider is that they get the leads from somewhere. Although it sounds a little too logical, give a quick think-over. Consumers aren’t calling XYZLeads and saying “Hello, I want to buy a car, send my lead information to a dealership for a Toyota!” More than likely the customer in this case was on a Toyota related website and submitted their information.

In some situations, consumers are filling out a survey that promises a free gift card, gas for a year, or monetary reimbursement. One of the survey questions are often “Would you be interested in buying a new or used car in the next 6 months?” If the answer is yes, that person, who may just be trying to win a gift card, is now considered a car sales lead delivered to your inbox.

From there, their information sometimes makes it to a sole lead source provider. Other times, the lead information gets forwarded to a pool where many automotive sales leads providers bid on them. Eventually, the lead gets sent to you, and you hope that it isn’t sent to any other dealerships in your area. Then, the lead is yours and ready for you to work.

When it comes to working automotive sales leads, timing is everything. Some providers offer real-time lead delivery, meaning that within a few minutes of the customer submitting their information, it is delivered to you as a car sales lead ready to work. This real-time delivery option is something you absolutely want to look for. The quicker the automotive sales leads are delivered to you, the more likely you are to reach your potential customer.

A lead source that is worth looking into is the now popular Live Chat lead. Rather than being sold leads that are generated from unknown websites and surveys, you are getting car sales leads from your very own website. Customers are on your website because they want your product. Leads are delivered to you immediately, and you’re more likely to convert a lead generated from your own website than from a third party lead source provider.

Whatever source you decide to go with for your automotive sales leads, be sure you ask as many questions as possible about where their leads come from, how they are delivered, and their current conversion rates. Never make a decision based on price. Sometimes the more expensive leads aren’t of the most quality, and the cheapest are just that – cheap. Ask questions, make intelligent decisions, and get the quality car sales leads that you deserve.

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