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What You Need To Know Before You Purchase Car Sales Leads

October 31, 2010 - 2:03 am

When it’s time to make the investment in automotive sales leads, the questions we always ask are “how much?”, “how good are they?” and “how many will I get?” While these are all perfectly legitimate questions you should ask, there is one additional question that you should know the answer to. Even if you were to ask a third-party lead source provider how their car sales leads are generated, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the 100% straight answer.

But that’s why we’re here. To make you aware of ‘which leads come from where’, so you can make an intelligent decision when it comes to choosing automotive sales leads.

Where do all searches begin? If you said Google, you’re correct. The first thing that shows when searching for “Automotive Sales Leads” is a directory of sales lead providers courtesy of While this is extremely helpful as a starting place, it’s important to note that none of the lead sources listed are rated or provided feedback.

It’s crucial to understand that all third party car sales leads come from somewhere else. That’s why they’re called third party leads. The majority of consumers aren’t calling the lead source provider directly and asking for their information to be sent to the nearest dealership within a 20 mile radius so they can be contacted to buy a car. How wonderful the world would be if this were the case.

But it’s not.

In most cases, the consumer was on a vehicle related site and submitted their information. You might get lucky if they were on a site that was actually related to buying a vehicle, maybe a manufacturer website. There are many (arguably too many) cases in which the consumer was simply filling out a survey online for a free iPad, and they came across a question that asks if they’d possibly be interested in maybe purchasing a car somewhere in the next 6 months. If the answer is “Yes”, that person is automatically considered a car sales lead and delivered right to your inbox.

Not exactly a high quality automotive sales lead.

In some instances, the lead information makes it to a large lead pool in which many automotive sales leads providers bid on them. You hope you get the lead, and that no other dealership in your area has also received it. There’s nothing better than a fresh, not-contacted, brand-new lead.

When the time comes to actually work the automotive sales leads, it’s all about timing and execution. Some lead sources provide real-time lead delivery; meaning: within minutes of the customer submitting their information, you’re given the lead. This increases the chance of contacting the customer since they’re likely still in front of their computer.

A newer lead source that has become very popular is the dealer live chat lead. Instead of playing a game of Russian roulette with getting quality leads, you’re delivered real-time, high quality leads from the very best possible source: Your own website. Website leads are almost always higher quality than third party leads. Think about it. Customers are on your website; your website that is about automotive sales, vehicles, and financing. What better car sales lead is there than that?

There is an overwhelming amount of car sales leads available for your dealership to purchase. No matter which source you decide to go with, be sure to ask as many questions as possible and be sure to find out how they’re delivered, how they’re generated, and what their policy is on invalid leads (Some lead source providers provide credit for leads with invalid information). Gather as much information as possible in order to obtain the highest quality automotive sales leads as possible. You deserve nothing less than the best.

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