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Want to Increase Car Leads and Improve Auto Sales?

January 30, 2013 - 9:00 pm

As the proliferation of smart phones and tablets allows automotive shoppers the luxury of car buying virtually anywhere and any time, the importance of auto dealership marketing becomes ever more critical. Even proven Internet marketing strategies that were cutting edge three years ago are headed the way of the dodo. Today, the dealership that can engage car buyers the quickest and with the most information wins. It’s as simple as that. The most effective tool you can use to turn dealership website visitors into leads – and buyers – is to implement and maximize automotive dealership website chat technology.

Use live chat to increase auto sales leads

You have made every effort to drive traffic to your auto dealer website, so why leave it to fate and hope that your visitors take the time to fill out a form, and then hope the car sales lead information they input is even valid? Connect with your car shoppers the moment they land on your site with interactive dealership website chat. That way you can start building rapport and collecting key lead data while at the same time ensure your prospect gets all the information they need to start the process for buying a car at your dealership.

This dealership chat conversation has a greater than 60 percent chance of turning into a lead, and research shows that chat leads have a better conversion rate to sales than other lead sources. Leads you generate on your site tend to be a much higher quality than third party leads, and offer much more potential for profit than other sources.

Chat can help you sell more cars

It isn’t feasible for you keep you showroom open around the clock, but a hosted automotive website chat solution can ensure your website visitors can receive personalized care twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. With live chat, a highly-trained chat operator can get your prospect into the sales funnel with strategic scripts carefully crafted to not only generate a quality, qualified car sales lead for your sales team or business development (BDC), but even set an appointment. What happens when you have a temporary dealership closure for an unexpected interruption, like a storm? When your neighbors start looking for a car to replace the one crushed by a tree or flooded out, your dealership is still open for business, thanks to virtual cloud networking technology that interacts with your prospects night or day.

You no longer have to be content with a passive auto dealership website and hope that a visitor is inspired to initiate a conversation by filling out a form. Now you can be proactive with automotive dealership chat software and services that give you an online business presence that can increase automotive leads and grow car sales. Increase the number of auto sales leads and ensure a much higher quality by engaging website visitors as they shop.

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