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Tips for More Auto Sales Leads with Automotive Dealership Live Chat

January 30, 2013 - 8:50 pm

The objective of most (if not all) car dealership websites is generate more auto sales leads and sell more cars. Years of consistent data and proven results show that a an effective dealership live chat solution is all but a necessity to generate more leads and turn them into increased auto sales, and an in-house program that uses powerful live chat software is one option. As when choosing any dealership software or service, choosing from the many options can be a daunting task. Here are not only some helpful tips for choosing a provider, but how to maximize an in-house or hosted live chat option, as well.

Make sure in-house chat software has automatic log in, log and other features

If you feel it is best for your business and sales processes to handle your chat leads in-house, these features help ensure users are only logged in during designated times, but also help your management team control how leads and chat processes are handled. You will want the ability to monitor who how leads are handled so you can streamline processes for growing car sales.

One way to help your chat staff build quick rapport with internet chat prospects is to include actual photos of your staff pinned to the live chat. You also want a software option that includes features like

  • Advance Chat Analytics to improve your business
  • Integrated data
  • Automated subscriber set up
  • Geographical IP address data tracking

If you are confident in the skills of your business development center or BDC to convert a phone up into an appointment, it may be a natural evolution for your to staff the chat software in-house. Don’t forget to set up the chat conversations in a manner that will parallel your phone phone experience and also ensure a smooth hand-off to the showroom staff.

What about outsourced Live Chat Operators?

Let’s say you want visitors to your automotive website to be greeted by a live person via automotive website chat the moment they land on your site, or it isn’t prudent to have a salesperson spending half their time responding to service department via dealership live chat.

How do you assure you have round-the-clock coverage to start the car selling process? You have two choices: keep your BDC open 24 hours, or choose a vendor that offers well-trained chat operators to communicate with your prospects and turn them into car sales leads. In addition to reaping the benefits of expanded business hours, you can also benefit from the vendor’s experience creating scripts that help move the prospect into the sales funnel and who can even set an appointment. Also, a seamless integration with your CRM system is paramount for you to convert these leads to car deals.

Be sure to get a clear understanding about how the vendor will interact with your prospects and how you can create a seamless experience for your dealership website shoppers.

Automotive Live Chat Can Increase your Car Sales

Automotive Live Chat Software is one of the most effective means for you to turn your automotive website visitors into qualified car leads that have a high conversion rate, which will help increase car sales. So begin your due diligence choosing a vendor opt for a software or hosted chat option that is best for your car dealership.


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