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Three keys to increase automotive chat lead conversions

April 15, 2013 - 11:00 am

CarChat24 increases lead conversions from live chatWe recently had a discussion with an auto dealer sales manager about the inconsistent results his team was getting with their dealership chat solution.

It turns out, his staff wasn’t consistent across the board in their responses. It turned out, that many of the bad habits they developed in the showroom – like prejudging based on credit, avoiding an appointment at a time inconvenient for the salesperson, and hesitance because they knew the buyer had shopped three other dealers – were just as much an obstacle in a chat conversation.

Back in the days when we were just ‘baby’ salespeople we were taught that the goal of a phone up was to get them in the door. It was beat into our head that if we gave them too much information there was no need for them to come into the showroom. The definition of what constitutes ‘TOO MUCH’ information is an ongoing debate, but the same concept applies to an internet inquiry, and ESPECIALLY a live chat conversation. The chances of a live chat lead converting to an appointment or (even better) a sale parallel the phone and internet query – it all depends on the conversation.

Here are three keys increase your chat conversion rates:

  • Engage shoppers with a chat invite the moment they land on your website – just like you would greet them on the lot
  • Create and utilize scripts that move prospects through the sales funnel
  • ABC – Always Be Closing ensure there is a TWO-WAY exchange of information, so you can generate a quality lead with accurate contact information, and make every appropriate effort to create an appointment

In an era when auto shoppers demand instant information on their computers, tablets and smartphones, an effective live chat solution is a key element in any auto dealership internet marketing strategy. And with proper implementation, the end result is more leads and more car sales.

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