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This One Goes Out To Those Who Are Opposed to Dealer Chat

October 31, 2010 - 2:01 am

You’ve received the phone calls from automotive live chat software providers. They give you their pitch, you give them your reasons why you’re not interested, and the call ends. They don’t have a new client, and you don’t have dealer chat service. A lot of dealerships utilize the software and are happy with the results. Regardless, you still aren’t sold on the idea of dealer chat, and don’t understand the benefits it can bring. Maybe you feel that your website doesn’t need a chat function. Which category do you fall into? Regardless of your stance, let’s explore some of the reasons why you’re not sold on automotive live chat.

One of the most frequently heard reasons opposing dealer chat leads is “I have enough leads as it is.” While this may be true, I wonder how many of those leads are quality leads? Certainly, you spend a portion of your day tracking down a few of your leads calling their work, home, or cell phones. You leave a message with a third party in hopes that you’ll get the potential customer on the phone. Think about it – dealership chat service enables you to capture visitors on your website in real time. There are no voicemail messages, missed calls, or third party messages. The potential customer is there, now, wanting to buy a car from you! Why else would they be on your website?

The majority of objections to dealer chat boil down to an issue with money. Whether you believe you can’t afford another lead source or a department to handle your chat leads, one thing is certain: It’s all about the money, as it should be!

Many dealership chat service providers provide fully-staffed 24/7 automotive live chat support. This means you don’t have to hire more staff. Even when your dealership is closed overnight or on holidays, “your” personalized staff is online, open, and ready to direct your online showroom traffic in the right direction.

Additionally, extensive market research and case studies have been conducted and the results show that lead conversion rates will increase by having dealer chat service. This means that by having automotive chat software on your website, you’re going to be getting more leads, and selling more cars. Can you really not afford to sell more cars?

Lead quality is one more objection you may have. You already spend some of your time chasing bad or invalid leads and seeking reimbursement. Do you really want to invest in another dead end road? In this case, you couldn’t be more correct, and with some dealership chat software providers, you will not be expected to pay for invalid leads. You pay strictly for leads with a valid phone number, e-mail address, and desire to purchase a vehicle. Some providers, like CarChat24, even provide free parts and service chat leads.

So, what’s your stance at this point? Is it still the same? Not looking for automotive live chat service? That’s not a problem; you’re entitled to run your dealership however you choose to. Keep in mind that live chat software has proven to be effective. That means there are results and studies available that show that dealer chat increases leads, and sales. While you consider if you can afford to invest in dealer chat service, also consider whether your dealership can afford not to have it.

One more thing to note: some automotive live chat providers offer free 30 day trials. You owe it to yourself to let the results speak for themselves.

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