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May 9, 2012 - 12:32 pm

How dealer chat software helps convert visitors into buyers


As an auto dealership, much of your online marketing budget is likely spent on driving traffic to your website. But most dealers only realize around a 2% conversion rate— leaving 98% of visitors as lost potential sales. With all the money you spend on marketing, shouldn’t you be getting greater returns for your investment? The key to increasing online auto sales leads

You may have noticed that your conversion rate for actual, live visitors to your dealership is much higher than your online conversion rate. That’s because when people visit your
dealership, they can interact with your sales team, ask questions, and get immediate answers. Buying a car is a big investment, and very few people are willing to make uninformed auto purchases.

When you compare this experience to visiting a website, the reasons for lower online conversion rates are obvious. No matter how much information your website contains about your vehicles, there’s simply no substitute for talking to an actual salesperson.


Ignite your customers with a live web experience


Dealer chat software brings your website visitors closer to the actual experience of visiting your dealership in person. With live chat, your potential customers can ask questions and
get answers in real time. Many dealers assume they can cover their bases by listing an email address and phone number on their website, but a basic contact page simply isn’t enough to boost auto sales leads. Internet shoppers place a high value on convenience—if they wanted to call your dealership for information, they would have picked up the phone in the first place. While email is still technically an online medium, your visitors often have to navigate away from your site to send a message, and then wait for your response. By the time they receive information from you, they may have already decided to purchase a vehicle elsewhere.


The benefits of dealer chat software


Adding a live chat option to your website offers many advantages for your dealership. This
seamless technology enables you to:

Greet visitors when they arrive on the website, just as you would in your showroom

Answer any questions your visitors might have, in a fast and informative way

Spark quality interaction with potential customers, which helps build trust—an
essential component in closing auto sales leads

“Staff” your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with professional,
knowledgeable support staff provided by your chat software vendor

Integrated dealer chat software with a trained support staff can boost your conversions exponentially, with up to 6 out of 10 chat queries leading to closed sales. Automotive
websites with quality live chat options enjoy a broader customer base and a higher volume of auto sales leads.

Your potential customers are already visiting your website. Why waste the opportunity and throw more money into traffic marketing, when you could increase your ROI without
spending more on lead generation? Dealer chat software is an excellent choice for any dealership that wants to sell more cars online.

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