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Dealer Live Chat: More Than Just a Way To Chat With Web Traffic

November 12, 2010 - 2:45 am


Source: CarChat24


While it’s an amazing chance to communicate with your website visitors and exchange information, dealer live chat provides much more to the automotive business than most people realize. Not only is it an effective communication tool, but it is the best service available for auto sales leads.


It’s very bold to use the word “best” in comparison to anything. More often than not, it’s required that you have some sort of scientific or field research backup, or at the very least, the logic to back it up. It’s safe to say however that Dealer Live Chat is the best source for quality Auto Sales Leads.




The leads you receive from third party providers typically aren’t prescreened. No one speaks with these potential customers. More often than not, these “leads” fill out an online survey and may make some sort of reference to possibly wanting to purchase a vehicle at some point in the near future. The communication period is literally the act of the web-surfer clicking their computer mouse to answer a question. However, when you have dealer live chat, you can literally find out what your visitor’s intentions are. Are they on the site for a vehicle part or to schedule service? Are they visiting to ask a question about your newest model sedan? Or are they ready to buy at this very moment. One thing is for certain, they want to be on your site, or else they wouldn’t be there.


The invalid or bad lead is something that affects many automotive dealers when it comes to third party auto sales leads. Whether the lead isn’t interested in a car, or claims they didn’t fill out an application, or if they aren’t reachable period, nothing is worse than spending money on a lead that has no purpose to you. When you have Dealer Live Chat installed on your dealer website, you’re not running the risk of calling a person and having them not pick up or screen your calls. You’re being put in touch with the potential buyer right then, right there. You can’t get more valid than that!


Finally, having dealer live chat can cut down dramatically on the costs of your internet department. Many dealer chat providers offer a 24/7 fully-staffed BDC option for you. Their trained staff monitors your website around the clock and greets 100% of your website visitors. With your third party leads, chances are they sit in your inbox until the next morning. Or maybe even over the weekend, if the lead comes in on a Friday evening. Having a fully-staffed dealer live chat designated to your dealership is absolutely something to consider if you want to capture 100% of your website visitors.


At the end of the day, it isn’t about whom you know, so much as what you know. Hopefully, if nothing else, you consider the benefits of having dealer live chat as a potential source of quality auto sales leads. After all, what are auto sales leads that don’t lead to auto sales?

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