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Online Dealer Chat: The Missing Piece To The Bad Automotive Sales Leads Puzzle

July 18, 2011 - 3:00 am

Has the quality of your Automotive Sales Leads dropped dramatically in 2011? Join the club. Many dealers are dropping their third party sales leads left and right claiming they just aren’t producing the same amount of leads as they used to.

What’s the deal? And How Is Online Dealer Chat the answer to the puzzle?

With the rise of social media and online gaming, third party sources are producing more leads than ever. However, this does not necessarily mean these leads are quality leads. I was playing a word game over the weekend and a survey popped up on my screen. One of the questions was a simple one; “Would you be interested in purchasing a new car within the next 6 months?” I answered “yes”.

Within 15 minutes, I received a phone call from a dealership trying to sell me a car. Even though I wasn’t in the market for a new car, the dealership just paid anywhere from $10-$35 for my lead.

Online Dealer Chat

I was on the word game website because I wanted to play a game. Why are people on your dealer website? They want to look at and get information about your cars. Just as someone who is on a gaming website is probably not a good automotive sales lead, someone on your website isn’t exactly a candidate for finding a word game.

With that being said, when people come to your dealer website, it’s important to acknowledge them. A simple generic greeting was once thought to be enough, and many dealers still think a simple banner saying “Welcome” is going to get their dealership Automotive Sales Leads.

Unfortunately, this is a mistake made too often. It takes a more proactive approach to capture Automotive Sales Leads. Having Online Dealer Chat enables you to interact with your website visitors and further determine their exact reason for visiting your website. They may be there for a car price quote, to schedule a service appointment, or order a part from your online parts store. Regardless of their reasoning, they would not have landed on your site if you didn’t have something they wanted.

While I wasn’t looking for a vehicle while I was playing a word game, I also would not want to be offered a car while playing a game. If I am on a dealer website, however, I would be open to being approached and would even welcome a simple hello and offer from an online sales rep for any questions I may have.

Online Dealer Chat provides the ability to generate more quality automotive sales leads to your sales team.

A website without online dealer chat is like having a showroom without a salesman. Would you leave your showroom unattended? I certainly hope not. The same should apply to your dealer website.

If you want higher quality automotive sales leads, then you need to target people who are in the market for a vehicle. The best way to capture these people is with an Online Dealer Chat option.

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