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Live Chat is the Key to Successful Automotive Internet Marketing

January 30, 2013 - 4:57 am

What are car buyers looking for when they land on your dealership website? The same thing they are looking for when they step on your lot: answers. And if your website content doesn’t offer what they are looking for in that moment, they head for the proverbial exit – that is unless you have a comprehensive internet marketing strategy that starts with effective dealership website live chat software. You can invest tens of thousands in dealership website design and SEO services and still fail to garner a lead. With live chat you can not only initiate a dialogue, but take advantage of a query conversion rate in excess of 60 percent.

More sales leads means more sales

It’s no secret that the internet has upended the patterns of traditional auto shoppers. Car buyers tend to do substantial research on the internet before visiting a car lot, and will often visit only one or two lots before they make their purchase. Not only can you use live chat to provide your sales prospects with an extremely interactive car shopping experience online and generate more leads, but those leads are MUCH higher quality than third party car lead suppliers because you have already begun the sales process. Whether you are trying to increase new car or used car sales, build incremental business for your service and parts departments, or boost CSI, an effective live chat software option can boost your bottom line.

What is the best Live Chat option for you?

Many auto dealerships have a well-trained Business Development Center BDC or sales floor staff they can trust to answer chat queries, but there are several benefits to a hosted chat option that has professionally-trained operators on standby to represent your dealership around the clock. As great as your website experience can be for buyers when live chat is active, it is equally frustrating for a buyer when they see “no operator available”. Another benefit to a hosted live chat option is that they can respond to queries for parts and service, in addition to sales. This is a frequent frustration for dealerships that depend on sales staff to respond to live web chat queries.

Automotive CRM integration is a must for dealership live chat

Not only can a well-designed live chat software solution offer you a shot at more car sales leads, but having full contact information and the entire chat conversation feed directly into an auto dealership CRM program is an invaluable feature, as well. This is especially powerful because the sales process is already moving forward, and the team that follows these leads will have the necessary information to get that prospect into a vehicle.

Even as you continue to explore options to improve search engine optimization and search placement for your dealership, a comprehensive website live chat software solution will help you make the most of each and every visit to your site and ultimately help you sell more cars.

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