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The Lead Driver + The Chat Driver = Car Drivers

April 17, 2011 - 2:58 am

Cars are not sold on their own. It takes a combination of Car Sales Leads, people to work those leads, inspiring salesmen to turn those appointments into sales. Any discrepancy in this equation could equal a lot of missed opportunities. How do you really keep the sales equation in check? What do you need to generate the most quality car sales leads? How do you sell more cars?


The Lead Driver:

You could try and run a dealership solely on word of mouth. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t get too far. Every company needs leads. We need to know who is interested in our product. There has come to be quite a big problem with many lead source providers giving a lot of bad leads, or leads that come from people who are not in the market for a vehicle. Regardless, you do need to have leads, and the driver of those leads needs to be a dependable source.

The only definition of a good lead is one who is interested in buying your product. More and more dealers are claiming that their third party leads’ quality are going down. This may be a result of lead sources generating their leads from social media sites that hold no valuable discretion on who they claim as “valid leads”.


The Chat Driver:

Leads that come from your very own website are the best leads. The live chat, or chat driver lead source enables you to interact with your website traffic. Why are people on your website? It’s safe to assume they’re on your site because they are interested in what you’re selling. It’s essential that you have a Chat Driver lead source like CarChat24 on your website, which can capture more of your website leads and deliver them to you. If nothing else, you can be absolutely certain that people on your site are there because they want to buy a car, get parts, or schedule service. These are legitimate Car Sales Leads.

Without a live chat function on your website you could be missing out on hundreds, even thousands of car sales leads and car sales. In order to generate more leads, you have to drive traffic to your site, and have a Chat Driver in place; one who can engage all of your website traffic in conversation, build rapport, and answer any questions that might be needed to be answered.


The Car Driver

The car driver is what every car dealer dreams of. The only way to generate a quality car sales leads is to remember to have your lead driver and your chat driver under control. Have the right lead source sending you car sales leads. Make sure your chat driver provider is one that provides you with the features you need. Make every attempt to make the most of each and every car sales lead that comes across your desk and you’ll be sure to see more actual car drivers leave your lot with new cars.

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