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Increase Auto Sales with CarChat24’s Auto Internet Marketing Strategy

January 30, 2013 - 4:52 am

In its Trend Brief, Social Media in the Automotive Industry, The Cobalt Group emphasizes that the most effective use is “to become part of a conversation with consumers. It all starts with listening”. The same applies when you look at your automotive dealership internet marketing plan. Unless you are offering free tickets to a Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, getting auto dealer website visitors to complete a ‘contact us’ form tends to be hit or miss…and usually ‘miss’. After all, with just a traditional static website, your potential sales prospects tend to be reluctant to initiate a conversation by completing a form and waiting hours (or even days) for a response.

But what if you could start the auto sales process the moment they land on your site? That is the amazing result when you incorporate a quality live chat software or service into the internet marketing plan for your dealership. You can actually help influence human behavior with proven chat scripts and well-trained chat operators that can start the sales process and generate a lead or appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One of the best ways to determine if you have a well-planned internet marketing plan is to check out some of strategies used by the most successful companies. Check out a few websites and you will find that nearly every company that values both increased sales and a better shopping experience for their customers has an effective website live chat software or service in place. They PROMPT their guest with a chat offer early in the visit, and their live chat link is easily available throughout the visit.

In the case of the auto dealership website live chat service offered by CarChat24, dealers can experience more than 60 percent of chat queries getting converted to quality leads. In addition, these quality car sales leads are generally MUCH higher than third party lead sources. The difference is that live chat creates a human interaction that breaks down the walls of buyers. The better you can maximize these car sales opportunities, the more you can grow your internet auto sales numbers.

Of course, you can use your BDC or sales staff to respond to these queries, but what about after hours Also, recent weather events have shut some auto dealerships down for days at a time. That is a key reason we recommend a hosted service that includes our highly-trained auto dealership live chat operators. There is nothing worse than having a visitor on your website who WANTS someone to chat with them, and there is a “CHAT OPERATOR NOT AVAILABLE” message. Some auto dealerships opt for a flexible or ‘hybrid’ live chat strategy that uses CarChat24 operators for backup when their in-house team isn’t available.

The key to success with all facets of automotive internet sales is to be sure you have an effective internet marketing plan for your car or truck dealership.

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