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If You Want Better Car Sales Leads, Then You Need Dealer Website Chat Software

August 29, 2011 - 3:04 am

Car dealers depend a lot on car sales leads. They’re often the source of a large part of their sales for the month. When your leads are of low quantity or quality, you’ll notice it in your end of month numbers. If this becomes consistent, then you may begin looking for a more long term fix for this.

Third party leads are okay to use. Some lead sources provide good quality auto sales leads, but it’s not typically consistent, at least not from what most dealers’ experience. One month could be really great with leads, but the next could be horrible. Sometimes the horrible trend lasts a few months and that’s just throwing money out the window.

Dealer website chat software is a great way to produce quality car sales leads on a consistent basis. Why does dealer website chat work? There is no secret to it. Chat software enables you to interact with your dealer website traffic. When a visitor comes to your website, you can greet them just as if they were entering your showroom. You can offer to answer any questions they might have, ask them if there’s anything you can assist them in finding, or even let them know if you’re having a special right now.

When you think about it, do you allow visitors to come into your dealership without at least saying hello? I hope not. The same should go for your dealer website. You shouldn’t let someone come onto your site without greeting them. Your online visitors are just as important as your dealership walk-ins.

Without analytics tracking, we had no way of telling who was coming to our site, or how many people were coming per month. Now that this technology has been introduced, we can see how many potential leads we are missing out on if the site doesn’t have dealer website chat software. Third party car sales leads can give you an estimate of how many leads they can give you per month based on trends which sometimes may not be accurate. However, simply by looking at your dealer website analytics, you can see how many unique visitors you have to your site. They are all potential car sales leads. Each one is one more appointment you could have set. One more visitor to your showroom you could have interacted with. One more car you could have sold. One more lifetime customer you could have earned.

Dealer website chat software is worth every penny of investment. You’ll surely get an increased ROI as you become more established and learn the ropes of dealer chat. In fact, many dealer chat providers offer you the option to utilize their own chat agents to handle your chats. These providers use proven scripts and highly trained agents to do this for you. So you can be sure your leads are being worked to the highest accuracy and quality assurance won’t even be a worry for you. Take a look at and consider dealer chat and stop missing out on leads!

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