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Grow Organic Leads to Increase Auto Sales

January 30, 2013 - 8:47 pm

No, organic car leads aren’t healthy leads grown by niche farmers who use specialized growing techniques to raise a pesticide- and herbicide-free vegetable and sold in healthy lead stores. They are car sales leads you generate from your dealership website, and increasing these leads (as well as maximizing their quality) is the goal of every dealership management team. A prospect generally makes their way to your site because they are interested in your brand, they were attracted by a web ad, or they typed your URL in directly. One of the most effective ways to increase your automotive car sales leads is to adopt and maximize a live chat strategy.

Why increase organic leads?

There are three key reasons to grow your organic leads. First, you have essentially already paid to acquire them. You write the check for your dealership website hosting and/or management fees every month, not to mention any supplemental services like Search Engine Optimization, so organic leads are basically FREE sales opportunities. Second, organic leads have a higher closing ratio than third party leads because potential car buyers have filled out a form specifically to inquire about YOUR product. Finally (and many consider most importantly), organic leads typically generate more auto dealership gross profit than other sources.

Use website live chat to increase organic leads

Even after investing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in dealership website development, you can still only cross your fingers and hope that a prospect has enough interest to find and fill out your web form. With a comprehensive website live chat solution, you can begin the selling process the moment a shopper lands on your dealership website – much like you ensure your staff is prompt to greet every guest who steps on your lot. Whether you use an in-house business development center (BDC) or sales team to respond to chat inquiries or contract with a company that provides live chat services, including highly trained live dealership web chat operators and proven live chat scripts, you begin the dialogue between the prospect and your dealership.

An effective live chat script will help the operator make every effort to turn the conversation not only into a car sales lead, but even a scheduled appointment. In addition, organic leads that result from a live chat conversation tend to have much more complete contact data, and even some basic rapport information about the buyer’s circumstances.

Live chat generates organic leads for automotive service departments and parts departments

An increase in organic leads from their dealership website will put a smile on the face of any general manager or sales manager, but a comprehensive web chat software or service can also be a great benefit to the service and parts departments – and can also help raise CSI scores. Sometimes the best way to avoid a CSI disaster when something has gone wrong for a customer is just to be available and be heard, and live website chat is perfect for this type of situation.

Whether you hope to increase organic leads, increase auto sales, protect CSI or add incremental business to your parts and service departments, website live chat is the perfect choice.


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